• Research oriented education, Training, current information and publication is the basic and regular activities of BILS research Department.
  • To realize the actual condition of labour.
  • To facilitate in complying the national labour related policy.
  • To facilitate trade union in nation and international labour related issues.


  • Subjective research in project planning.
  • Research of supporting organization.
  • Analyzing the workplace accident, disputes, and violence data.
  • Providing update information, reports according to the demands of Trade Union.
  • Conducting internship program.

Research Field

  • Rights and welfare of labour force.
  • Labour law.
  • Protection and rights of the migrant workers.
  • Worse condition of informal labour.
  • Occupation health and safety.
  • Challenge of Trade Union and development strategies.
  • Rights of the female labour.
  • Low salaries and social safety.
  • Conducting labour related small and large scheme research.

Research Strategies

  • Preparing research content and introductory parts
  • Various Program, recommendations from workshop, seminar, executive and advisory board
  • Research inauguration by donor organizations.
  • Receiving directions and supervisions
  • Workshop among the research implementation and monitoring committee
  • Recruit consultants (Labour related researcher, specialist, and university teacher)
  • Intern participations (EX and current intern)
  • Presenting the draft reports
  • Assessment of the related stakeholders
  • Preparing the final reports.
  • Modification, elaboration and sophistication of the reports.
  • Published through media, Trade Unions, website, and newsletter.