Multifabs Boiler Blast Incident at Gazipur

Study Report

On July 3, 2017, Monday evening, a boiler explosion took place at Multifabs Clothing Factory in Nayapara area of Kashimpur at Gazipur district. In the blast incident, 13 workers were killed and 47 were injured. Among the injured, there were also pedestrians and other garment workers. Since the incident on 4th July ’17, fire service and rescue start rescuing the victims and began searching for the casualties at the factory premises. After rescuing all the bodies at 10pm on the day officially the rescue mission was declared end.

Incident Details:

Gazipur City Corporation’s garment factory, Multifabs Limited situated in Kashimpur, Nayapara area was to open on July 4, 2017. But on July 3, 2017 Monday the boiler section of the dyeing unit was started. A number of 80-90 workers were working in the dyeing and finishing section of the ground floor of the four storied building. In a tin-shed of the building there were two boilers of 5 and 10 tons of capacity. Both the boilers were started in the morning before the incident. At 7pm, the 5-ton boiler burst into a sudden blaze. In this, the lower floor of the building of a four- storied building and two side walls, doors, windows and the machine were flown away, became scattered and destroyed in different places. Many explosions in the factory happened, walls collapsed, workers stucked under broken structures and several workers were injured in the blast.

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