BILS-Decent Work Desk has been established to create a RMG decent work database which will encounter the gap of practice level authentic information on decent employment, income and other indicators of decent work. This desk has been screening 15 national news dailies and a fixed number of secondary sources on a regular basis and creates and updates the decent work database based on a prior set of indicators on RMG matters. Indicators include data on accident, causalities, job loss, factory closure, industrial relation and unrest and on living wage.

Additionally, the RMG desk have arrangement for spot visit of serious issues of causalities and cross check and collect of case stories and documents human faces of impact. Apart from these, RMG desk regularly collects soft copies of decent work related documents and campaign resources from a number of international TUs, ILO, UN, WTO and EU.

BILS-Decent Work Desk is open to access by the TUs & ITUs, employers, government, media, CSOs/NGOs & INGOs, brands/buyers, global governances, acedemics and activists. Plant level unions, RMG TUFs and NTUCs have direct access to the RMG desk. Compiled raw documents are also be printed & disseminated to a wider range of partners. The desk is further responsible to facilitate coordination of legal support to a limited number of TU leaders on demand.